30' - High Speed HDMI 2.0 Digital Audio & Video


Features :

  • Premium HDMI 2.0 High Speed with Ethernet
  • Premium HDMI Certified Cable*
  • Gold Plated Contacts, Type-A 19pin
  • 18Gbps, 2160P – UHD/HDR/3D/ARC
  • 2K/4K – 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • UL Listed
  • RoHS, HDCP Compliant



*Certified by HDMI® Authorized Test Centers

Each individual length of these cables has been tested to ensure that it is capable of delivering the full 6.0Gbps/channel (18Gbps total) bandwidth required by the latest HDMI specification.

Once the cable has passed the rigorous testing procedure, HDMI Licensing issues a Premium Certified Cable label, which includes a hologram and 2D barcode, so you can trust that the cable will deliver the highest level of HDMI performance.

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